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Security Assessment Services


As organizations rely more and more on their ICT infrastructure, the threat of unauthorized access and security breaches looms large. To effectively manage these risks, organizations must assess their current security state and ensure that their applications, networks, and systems are not vulnerable to attacks.

However, simply identifying gaps and vulnerabilities is not enough - rigorous assessment techniques are required to simulate how an attacker would gain access and launch attacks deeper into the network. With the constant increase in security vulnerabilities and organizations frequently launching new applications and making changes in their ICT infrastructure, the need for frequent security assessments has become more crucial than ever.

Security Assessment Services

Through our Security Assessment Services, we exploit the vulnerabilities to determine what information is actually exposed to the outside world. By mimicking the actions of an actual attacker, we exploit weaknesses without putting the organization in actual jeopardy and allow the organization to address each weakness accordingly. Our Security Assessment Services include:

  • Black-box Testing – Emulating an External Attacker

  • Grey-box Testing – Emulating Legitimate Users

  • White-box Testing – Analysis with Full Access

Network Infrastructure Security Assessment

Service Details

Application Security Assessment

Database Security Assessment

  • Web Application Assessment

  • Android Application Assessment

  • iOS Application Assessment

  • Desktop/Legacy Application Assessment

  • Database Configuration Audit

  • SQL Injection Tests

  • Insecure Storage Evaluation

  • Password Policy Evaluation

  • Permissions Evaluation

  • External Security Assessment of Network Devices

  • Internal Security Assessment of Network Devices

  • Security Configuration Audit